DayZ Expansion

DayZ Expansion is a feature-rich modification that brings many long-awaited features and quality of life improvements to DayZ. With countless changes and additions to the game, DayZ Expansion is sure to change up the core gameplay a lot. More vehicles, reimagined locations, completely new types of vehicles such as helicopters and boats, improved base building, and much more, get ready to relive those nostalgic DayZ mod memories!

King of the Hill

This mod provides a system of random events where capture points are created across the map. Players capturing the locations via proximity will then provide a reward based on criteria met. The concept is based on "King of the Hill" from Arma.


This mod contains a full keycard mod with 5 tiers of loot crates, 5 tiers of vaults (strongrooms) and 5 different holographic keycards. When a Keycard is spent it will show ERROR on the card.

- 5 tiers of keycards

- Lowest / highest (yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Red)

- These are glass illuminated holographic keycards that the player needs to open the Crates or the Vaults (Strongrooms).

- The player will put the card into the card reader and then once they remove it the crate or vault will then open for them. This is to ensure they don’t leave keycards with multiple uses in the card readers by mistake.

SIBNIC Helis / Gunner Seat

The flight simulation is very similar to a real helicopter has its own simulation, weight, dimensions, aerodynamics
The helicopter is affected by wind, rain, bullets. Сan damage: engine, blades, hull.
It is possible to replace blades, battery and helicopter repair bulbs
The simulation is stable with high ping (over 800ms) and server lags (less than 2fps).

Gunner Seat Mod allows you to shoot out of our cars, trucks and Helis.

Loot Crates

Crates are found across the maps. Keys can be looted and found in Airdrops!

Bed Respawn

This Mod allows you to spawn on a placed sleeping bag after dying. You can place it anywhere on the map! Even your Base!


Flying around and the server crashed? Heli got shot down? Well now you do not have to worry. This Mod allows you to soar the skies of dayz or save yourself from life-ending falls. While falling wait for the audio queue and press jump to activate the parachute. 


Jump to activate once falling far enough
WASD to move
Sprint to Turbo

WASD to move
Sprint to Turbo
Jump to go Up
Crouch to go Down
PetrolStation or FuelCan to refuel

Virtual Storage

Virtual Storage added to Safezone! Only YOU can access this! This creates a "virtual" storage for players to safely store their most prized possessions, only the player that the crate belongs to can see the crate contents. The crate it's self is created with an action the 1st time the player interacts with the table, once the player is done, the crate is placed 20m underground directly below it's current position until the player uses the table again. The crates are stored in a static array by the server and can be accessed from any table on the map. This crate on has 45 days persistence! So every month make sure to remove and re add your loot. Once you interact with the table, hit TAB and you will be able to add your loot!

Purchase a House

This mod allows you to purchase houses in game!

- The house comes with an alarm system for raiding attempts (in game and Discord notification)
- Inventory personal storage
- Ability to lock and unlock the house to keep unwanted survivors out


Hacking Mod

This mod allows you to Hack Code Locks. Hacking like in real life is not going to be as easy as using brute force, so here its the same.
To hack there are 3 steps
- 1st - Find you're self a tablet and the required batteries for the object you want to hack
- 2nd - Start the hack by going up to the target and holding start hack this may take some time as you are setting up the hack
- 3rd - you now need to keep the tablet in your hands to ensure that the hacking doesn't get interrupted, as well as ensure you don't go more than 10 meters from the target or your tablet will lose its connection
- Last - The hack will complete and the door/tent will unlock and your tablet will gain some damage.

Note: If you hacking get interrupted don't panic you can just go up and resume it, and it will start where you left off.

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